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important to you.
(Activist Social Network / Social Technology Platform)

Here you will list the projects that you're working on, including your causes, the campaigns you're funding, the groups you belong to, things you're involved in, and anything else that you would like to share that you feel is important. And you will also have the option to keep certain things private.

Each user can post their own news stories. And if the story is significant, relevant, or interesting, then the story will be posted on the main page. And the stories most voted on will also get placement of the front page. Each user in a sense will be a Journalist, an activist, and an educator.

We want each user to have all the necessary tools and software so that they can make their own graphs and charts, or combine charts and information to bring more understanding and awareness to certain problems, and at the same time, look for trends or relational information. Each user should have enough tools to perform their own research, make their own presentations and manage their own projects.

Collaboration Tools     Open Data     NYC Using Big Data (video) 

Mind Maps and Data Visualization

You can control the privacy settings the way you want.
Public for everyone, private for no one, or for just certain people.
Attention Profiling Mark-up Language 

All the information that you post will be yours. It will be saved, organized and archived, and can only be deleted by you.


Personal Energy Consumption:
350 kwh / Month   (True cost not calculated)

DSL / Land Line / Cellphone:
2.7 mbs download / pay as you go smartphone  ($100.00/ year)

Resources Used for Traveling:
No Car or Public Transportation / Bike   (work at home, computer)

Personal Calorie Consumption: 
2,000 Cal. / Daily   (fruits, vegetables, seeds, dairy)  How many Pounds?

Personal Water Consumption:
50 Gallons / Daily 
(varies, could be under 50 gallons daily / no grey water option or water collection)

Productivity Output:
Information and knowledge / 100 mb / Daily  (inputted, organized, research)
Personal Food Grown / 0  
(Live in condo with no direct sun light)


Personal methods for reducing unnecessary consumption and waste

World Resources Institute