People in need of Education and School Supplies.

War, Disasters Disrupt Education of 80 Million
One in four children in conflict zones are out of school

Some 263 million children worldwide, nearly one in 10, do not go to school

Project Education South Sudan
Lost-Boys Sudan

Almost 800 million illiterate people around the world can’t read or write a
simple sentence, and two-thirds are Women.
59 million primary school–age children not enrolled in classes in 2013, 31
million were girls.
Of the nearly 31 million girls who are out of school, 16 million will never end
up enrolling.
16 million primary school–age girls dropped out in 2013, compared with 19 million boys.  Data-Visualization

Donors Choose much-needed materials and experiences for their students.

World's Most Literate Nations based on several factors, including Internet and library resources, newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, years of schooling, and literacy scores on standardized tests. But there's more...

"Ignorance is the most damaging disease on the planet, and the only effective vaccine is a High Quality Education."

Education Reform and the Reasons for Improving Education  

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